Glucose Meter Apps

Glucose Meter Apps

Firstly, let us tell you that there is an easier way to control your diabetes rate, with no pain when having to prick your finger every day or not having the information.


It is known, that it is very important to keep glucose controlled, once it is one of the main factors that cause strokes and heart attacks.

According to data from the Brazilian Society of Diabetes (SBD), diabetic men are 40% more likely of suffering a heart attack and diabetic women are 50%.

To sum up, it is super possible to use an app to take care of such an important subject. So, there are applications to measure your glucose and help you out.


How do these apps work to measure glucose?

Some applications work as monitors, be aware because those can not measure they are exclusively for food or exercise purposes.

However, there are some other apps that do not measure glucose levels, but together with a glucometer, they make it possible.

There are still some other apps that measure and you don’t need to take bites to make measurements. You just use the app sensor for the measurements.


Tag along and find out the best applications to measure glucose simply at home:

  1. Freestyle Free

Years ago, this app gained escalation in diabetes management.

You simply had to put the sensor on the arm and pass it on the reader.

But now, instead of the reader, the user downloads the app, totally for free, and then just puts the screen closer to the sensor.

While the person had to install the sensor on the arm and checks the sugar level by him/herself, with the app it became easier to share the glycemic levels.

Available for Android and IOS.

  1. Glycose control

For this great one, it is necessary to have a glucometer along.

The app has useful functionalities such as glucose control, an alarm so you don’t forget the medication, test records, and diet advice.

This is available only for Android.

  1. Glic

Different from the other apps, it is not a glucose meter, it is an advisor. It will help the user with schedules and care routines.

It helps in the patient’s daily routine not letting you forget the necessary habits.

The App will be your partner in it.

Available for IOS and Android.

  1. MySugar

The specialty of this app is to be the diabetes diary, where the diabetic can control blood sugar with a few tools.

It has useful tools, for example, a bolus calculator, hbZ1c estimation, blood glucose tracker, and carbs tracker.

And don’t worry it is suitable for either type 1 or 2 and gestational diabetes. Now the good news is, it is a free application!

  1. Gynastic Diabetes

Based on what is known about the diabetes world, working out is essential to keep the body and glucose levels healthy.

The app provides special exercises all thought for the treatment and tools for daily monitoring.

It shows comparative graphs to help monitor in detail, your body.

Available for: Android.

Important Hints.

Everyone knows the risk of diabetes, and the alert is also for prediabetics.

In this sense, those who are not yet diabetic should also take it seriously.

Download one of the applications to guide and measure yourself.

Be Healthy!

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