Pregnancy Test: 3 Free Apps!!!

Pregnancy Test: 3 Free Apps!!!

So you’ve been wandering around pregnancy, right? No worries, we got your back! We’ve selected free apps for you to stop overthinking, put it into action, and clear your doubts.


With just a few minutes of your day, you will get the answers you need.

Using Early Pregnancy Symptoms questions, these apps will do sort of a scan on your days and give you the best results.

Stick around and check them right now:


1 – The Pregnancy Test Symptoms.

This 15 questions quiz is opening our list!

If you are feeling the early pregnancy symptoms, then this test is for you.

Here goes a reminder of what the symptoms might be: delayed period, irritability, fatigue, getting nauseous, increasing urination, and swollen breast are some of them.

Based on those, the app will make your questions and tell in percentage numbers, how likely you are of being an expectant or not.


As soon as you get the results, in case it shows positive for pregnancy, don’t think twice, call your doctor, and make an appointment.

This app is fast, comes with a 15 quiz questionary, it’s all online, and has a guide result.

Just download and get it done!

2- Pregnancy Test – At Home Guide.

Here is another great option for pregnancy tests. You don’t need to leave your cozy home and waste time walking up and down the streets looking for a pharmacy.

This app can bring you pretty accurate results, since it has super complete questions, and a method that’s is simple to apply.

Don’t leave your house for that, you have everything right with you.

You can find it on your Play Store!

3- Clear Blue – Am I pregnant? Quiz.

It’s time for the pros to come.

Clear blue is well-known as the company for pregnancy tests.

So this is also a great option. With their app, there is no need to be waiting for your period. You choose when doing it.

It’s possible taking the test on the sixth day previously your discharge. No-brainer!

As we all know, human bodies are not the same, so feeling the early symptoms may not be something that will happen strongly for you, and that can make things a bit hard to understand, that’s when apps like this one can be very useful.

You can access the clear blue website, try the test, and find out if there is a “surprise” coming soon or not!

That’s a wrap! We are sure that now you have all you need, so no procrastinating, do it now!

VERY IMPORTANT! Those apps are excellent, but a visit to your doctor is irreplaceable.

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