Pregnancy Test Application

Pregnancy Test Application

The application is made to test pregnancy freely and it’s easy to use without any issue. The idea behind it is to help person in knowing the ovulation cycle and getting indicated about embryo formulation and also makes person less worried.


During the times pregnancy test has been evolved. First, blood test was needed to know the person is pregnant or not. With time urine is used to check the pregnancy and it is checked by strips. And now the technology is advancing towards the app as it’s an era of digitalisation and all the things concise easily in a smart phone. This app is made to ease life of couple and give 99% accuracy of test.

Pregnancy and having child is an important thing specially after marriage and it is a crucial thing specially for eastern countries. After marriage and one year of happily married tag people specially families start asking why there is no child yet, which makes couple upset and can lead to even divorce due to enforcement of family and pregnancy issue. And some parents force it because they need a heir for their fortune or business stability and progress in generations. It is more common in Eastern Countries. So female have to take proper notice of her ovarian cycle which sometimes they forget. So the app will let it save and guide her to the best. It will make sure the time or dates of ovulation so that couple can try their luck of having child.

Secondly having a child is a blessing. It is said that a child brings happiness and joy in couple’s life and a new chapter of their life begins.


Why app is needed? Because its sometimes too much hard and upsetting checking the pregnancy via strips again and again so this app will give a soothing effect due to its feature and will count the cycle so that person will not get upset or tired of testing.


Put the last date of menstrual period into the app. Just urinate on the stick and connects to the app which will let you know when the sample is detected. While waiting for results the app will educate you with relative information and calm you down.

The results will be either positive or negative.

If the result is positive, due date is calculated and saved, and can be shared through e-mail or text. You can also access a pregnancy tracker with weekly information about baby’s development.


If results are negative, the app will give info on how to optimize chances of conceiving. A cycle tracker also helps figure out fertile days so the person may try again.


App Description

This app will ask few questions related to pregnancy which will guide a person related to it and provide remedies or symptoms.

We realize how stressful and frustrating the process of becoming pregnant can be, especially for those who have tried so hard and yearn for that pregnancy test to finally be positive after months or even years of disappointment.

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